>Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities


Second Harvest
http://www.2hj.org/index.php/get_involved/donate_time (Info about regular volunteer activities)

Mizuta Building 4-5-1 Asakusabashi, Taito, Tokyo
Contact: volunteer@2hj.org

Second Harvest is sending trucks with food and material aid to evacuation centers in Tohoku. They need volunteers to collect, sort and load donated items. They also need drivers. Please contact them at the above email address for more information.

Peace Boat

B1, 3-13-1 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo 169-0075
Contact: arataotake@peaceboat.gr.jp

Peace Boat needs volunteers both to help with relief efforts in Ishinomaki City and to raise funds and sort donations in Tokyo. They ask volunteers to attend an orientation seminar first. Please contact Arata Otake at the above email address for more information. Please provide personal details (Full name, Age, Gender, Address, Telephone number, E-mail, Availability, Language ability) and specify whether you are interested in volunteering in Tokyo or Ishinomaki.

Volunteer Opportunities with NGO JEN 

NGO JEN is looking for volunteers for its soup kitchen and sludge removal projects. 

Soup Kitchen Volunteers: 

JEN dispatched its first team to Miyagi prefecture immediately after the earthquake, and conducted damage and needs assessment and assessment of transportation and procurement routes. Along with these assessments, JEN distributed emergency supplies of clothing, hygiene kits and food for soup kitchens. They also provided hot meals for 600 people in evacuation centers with the cooperation of earthquake/tsunami victims. They have decided to organize soup kitchen in Ishinomaki to provide hot meals for those who have difficulties securing food.

Now they are calling for volunteers to support them in their soup kitchen.
The details for the soup kitchen volunteer opportunities, and application forms can be found here: 

Sludge Removal Volunteers
Sludge, brought by the tsunami, is now emitting disturbing odor around communities. It has been more than three weeks since the incident, and the sludge is drying up and hardening. Gradually this sludge will turn into dust. The dust will be blown up into the air which can have perverse effects to our health. The tsunami brought heavy mud and sludge inside houses. Tatami mats and furniture have absorbed water (one tatami can weigh up to 100kg), thus women and elderly cannot even clean up their houses. Most of the people staying at their homes live on the second floor because the ground floor is covered with mud and sludge. There are also evacuees who could return home once mud and sludge is cleared.

JEN is now procuring equipment and preparing to receive volunteers while coordinating with other organizations. They are now calling for volunteers to help them remove mud and sludge from houses.
The details for sludge removal volunteer opportunities can be found here: 

EARTH DAY MONEY: Calling for Host families for Earthquake Evacuees
Please offer your “home” to ease hardships of the earthquake evacuees.http://www.earthdaymoney.org/topics_dt.php?id=391

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) are looking for volunteers who can provide counselling over the phone.

For more volunteer opportunities, 
please follow the Japan Volunteers Blog:

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  1. >Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) are looking for volunteers who can provide counselling over the phone.www.telljp.com

  2. >Thanks Damian, I've appended the entry with that info – and will add several mores links I've collected over the next few days. Thanks for posting.

  3. >David Sophia's list of volunteer info via gradland blog:http://gradland.wordpress.com/2011/04/05/volunteer-opportunities-in-tohoku/

  4. >Hi everyone,For people wishing to volunteer by helping to restore homes in Ofunato, please see the following from the All Hands Volunteer group which is based there, https://hodr.wufoo.com/forms/project-tohoku-general-inquiry-form/

  5. I'm coming to Japan in Oct. I would like to volunteer my first week in Japan.. I am simi blind but I can see things just not small details. I can read with help with my reading device. I can shovel debri or help cook or move things. I just want to help in anyway I can. How can I contact someone or group about volunteering?Thank youps. I speck English but understand very little JapaneseMichael IshikawaSan Francisco, CA USA

  6. I would like to perform as a part time volunteer for sake of kids education and welfare.I have been working in the schools for a long in different positions and worked in a children home. Let me know if there is any possibility for me.I am prepared to work hard and possess the sense of benign,punctual and philanthropic.BBShresthaSISKathmandusimpleliving_20077@yahoo.com977-9803755816

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