>Items Needed at Saitama Super Arena


Lino Harada, a member of Foreign Volunteers Japan, was at the Saitama Super Arena today doing some translation work. She snapped these pictures of posters requesting items. The items needed are:

Instant soup, backpacks, bags, face lotion, paper cups, boxes of tissues, Tiger Balm/medicated compresses (“shippu”), instant congee, intant noodles, coffee, duct tape, canned drinks, belts for men, UNUSED sweat pants, jeans for men, thermoses, heat packs, snacks, soap, toothbrushes, batteries, NEW underwear, tupperware, adult shoes, markers, eco bags, fabreeze, cleaning supplies, sewing kits

As mentioned in the post below, before you rush out and send these items to a donation center, please make sure they are accepting them. For example, not all donation centers are accepting clothing at the moment. Of course, if you live in Saitama and can deliver some of these items directly to the Super Arena, the folks there would be sure to get them.

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  1. >Thank you for doing this! but, translation mistake there. They don't need "wet clothes". Instead, they want something that can be good for back pain. maybe tiger balm kind of thing. It is written as "WET CLOTHES" in Chinese charactores (Kanji), but it doesn't mean "clothes that is wet".

  2. >Thanks for the edit Yumi! That's a BIG difference! I'll make sure we correct that right away! Sorry for the slow reply, Several of us have been up north in Ishinomaki, Kamaishi and Ofunato for delivery runs over the last several days. Thanks for your support! 

  3. >Hi, thank you for all your work! お疲れ様!This morning I heard that the Super Arena was available only until today, so they were moving all the people to other shelters. I just want to reinforce your message of "Checking directly with the donation center before sending them".Lily

  4. >Hi Lily, Thanks for the notice. Several of our members have been focused on the delivery runs up north, so we may be a little behind on the latest updates. I will follow up on that and revise this post pronto. The Tokyo Metropolitan government also just announced it was putting a pause on donation collection due to an inability to move products up fast enough. I will look into the situation and report back on where the refugees are being resettled, and whether it's possible to still volinteer for those locations. Thanks!

  5. >Yumi and Lily, thank you very much for your comments! I have posted an update about the Super Arena evacuees being moved to a new location. I also fixed the original translation. Even though that information is now out of date, I think it might be useful for people who are donating to evacuation centers to see the kinds of items people request.

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