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Beau Retallick, an independent relief worker, recently returned from the disaster zone in Tohoku. He shares very valuable information about the situation on the ground there.

While Foreign Volunteers Japan has been working hard to get supplies up to the tsunami-affected areas, there are many other groups, both small and large, and some courageous individuals as well who spearheaded relief efforts with their own DIY solution.

Part 1:

Soon after realizing the extent of the tsunami damage, Beau Retallick decided to get a couple of vans, load them up with nonperishable food, water, medicine and whatever they could collect, and drive up north to distribute amongst some of the harder-hit smaller towns.

Because they were one of the first groups to head up, shortly after the first Fukushima Reactor explosion, they decided to bring some potassium iodine pills and a Geiger counter along for the ride.

This interview describes some surprising details about what their team encountered on their way, the challenges that they faced, and outlines some of the most important supplies and foods needed for both the distribution centers and for the isolated communities in difficult to reach areas along the coastline.

Part 2:

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