>On the way to Ishinomaki!


Okay! We made it up safely, and we distributed 7000 bottles of water, dozens of boxes of diapers, healthy snack foods, and an assortment of donations to a distribution venue hosted by PeaceBoat up in Ishinomaki. This time, the water will be distributed to the earthquake and tsunami survivors trapped in mountain towns who cannot get out due to destroyed infrastructure and possibly even emotional trauma. 

     Today we heard that it is difficult to get supplies to those people, because in Japan the law apparently forbids air drops of supplies by helicopters!!(;゜0゜)
 However, Peace Boat and Red Cross Japan have been brainstorming several methods to get the water out to these people. They’ve already helped out countless thousands of people, and will continue doing so far a while. 

One of our goals from here is to build a closer relationship with communities on the ground, and we’ve made a few contacts in Ishinomaki city in Miyagi. It was terribly, terribly hit by the disaster. I will post more on that tomorrow. Today the crew drove 1100 kilometers on 3.5 hours sleep each the night before, so our reports and photo editing will be done tomorrow. 

Thanks again for all of your support and assistance! It’s very much appreciated, and is beginning to help those in the most devastated areas in Japan. Thank you!!! 

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